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Keep an eye here for full schedules. Show dates will also be posted on the main page for convenience.

Please welcome our new addition, Jason Carvey, on drums!


Blah blah heavy heart, blah blah saddened by the departure of, etc. Point is, drummer Mike Harwood is leaving RED for personal reasons which are up to him to talk about on FB if he wants to. We're going to miss him but we gained a great addition by the name of Jason Carvey! Ya'll come out and treat him with as much disrespect as you would Andy or James.

"Why Do You Have To Be So Crude" is now available!


I am still working with MP3 agencies to get it posted online. We are using CD Baby for the first time and they are the ones that post to iTunes, Amazon and such.

"Hanky Code EP" is still available! Check your favorite MP3 sites for purchasing or buy here:


Jul 12, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

Jul 19, 2013 -Bethel Road Pub, Columbus, OH

Aug 23, 2013 -Plain City Pub, Plain City, OH

Sept 13, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

Nov 15, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

More Dates To Be Announced

The Conquered

March 5, 2011 @ 7 to 9pm -City Limits, w/ Level Seven

March 19, 2011 @ 9pm and 11pm -Bigalow's Brewhouse, Plain City (Formerly Big George's and also Lee's Sports Bar), 2 Shows!! Lucky YOU!!

March 29, 2011 @ 8:30pm -O'Sheckys Live Bar & Restaurant, Columbus, Come for the fun!

May 6, 2011 @ 9pm -Fat's Bar and Billiards, Dublin,

May 28, 2011 @ 9pm -Bigalow's Brewhouse, Plain City (Formerly Big George's and also Lee's Sports Bar), w/ Karma 10

June 24, 2011 @ 12am -O'Shecky's LIVE, Columbus, OH,

July 23, 2011 -G. Worthy's Bar and Grill, Worthington, OH,

July 31, 2011 @ 6pm -Jay's Sports Lounge, Columbus, OH,

August 22, 2011 @ 9pm -Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH, w/ New Vancouver & Mari Jayn

August 26, 2011 -G. Worthy's Bar and Grill, Worthington, OH, w/ Soupbone

September 2, 2011 -VIP, Hilliard, OH,CANCELLED

September 5, 2011 -The West Jefferson Ox Roast,

September 9, 2011 -G. Worthy's Bar and Grill, Worthington, OH, w/ Athena

September 24, 2011 -Bigelow's Brewhouse, Plain City, OH, w/ Karma 10, Honey Compass, Yesterday's Child, & Shodown

October 3, 2011 -Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH

October 22, 2011 -St. Louis Convention Center, St. Louis, MO - America's Got Talent Season 7 Audition

November 19, 2011 -Crazee Mule Saloon, Columbus, OH - Opening for Karma 10

November 22, 2011 -Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH

November 26, 2011 -Screamin Willie's, Columbus, OH - Columbus Music Awards Showcase

December 2, 2011 -The Dolphin Lounge, Gahanna, OH

January 21, 2012 -The Dolphin Lounge, Gahanna, OH

February 9, 2012 -Circus, Columbus, OH - 10pm-11pm

February 18, 2012 -Tink's Rock House, Marion, OH - with Circus Asylum & Karma 10

March 24, 2012 -The Dolphin Lounge, Gahanna, OH - with Intervene

March 30, 2012 -O'Shecky's LIVE!, Columbus, OH

April 20, 2012 -O'Shecky's LIVE!, Columbus, OH

May 25, 2012 -The Pit Stop Lounge, Columbus, OH Opening for Retoric

June 8, 2012 -Rack Tavern, Grandview, OH Resistance Movement and Fallen On High

June 30, 2012 -Morrow County, OH Opening for Retoric

June 14, 2012 -Poston Lake Music Park, Athens, OH All weekend party! Show starts at Noon

August 1, 2012 -Bernie's, Columbus, OH W/ Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome! Show starts at 9pm

Aug 16, 2012 -Scarlet and Gray, Columbus, OH

Sept 7, 2012 -Ruby Tuesday's, Columbus, OH w/ Bosswood and Helionauts

Sept 17, 2012 -Cara Bar, Columbus, OH

Oct 5, 2012 -Scarlet and Gray, Columbus, OH CANCELLED BY BOOKING AGENT

Oct 26, 2012 -The Rack Tavern, Grandview, OH Halloween Spooktacular w/ Fallen On High

Nov 24, 2012 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH RESCHEDULED CD RELEASE!!!

Dec 29, 2012 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH New Years Eve Party / Impromptu Pajama Party

Jan 19, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH w/ Fallen On High

Feb 22, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH After Valentines Breakup Party

Mar 15, 2013 -Bethel Road Pub, Columbus, OH

Mar 29, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

May 31, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

Jun 21, 2013 -Bethel Road Pub, Columbus, OH

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