About us

Red Eye Dawn is an original Columbus, Ohio rock & roll power trio that combines loud guitars, infectious harmonies, eclectic influences, and whiskey into its own high energy brand of rock. Come on in, kick your shoes off and stay awhile.

FREE DOWNLOADS!!! Go to the Media section to get your copy of the Single "Sister Grenadine" and our version of "Escape (Pina Colada Song)"

Please welcome our new addition, Jason Carvey, on drums!


Blah blah heavy heart, blah blah saddened by the departure of, etc. Point is, drummer Mike Harwood is leaving RED for personal reasons which are up to him to talk about on FB if he wants to. We're going to miss him but we gained a great addition by the name of Jason Carvey! Ya'll come out and treat him with as much disrespect as you would Andy or James.

"Why Do You Have To Be So Crude" is now available!


I am still working with MP3 agencies to get it posted online. We are using CD Baby for the first time and they are the ones that post to iTunes, Amazon and such.

"Hanky Code EP" is still available!

Escape (Pina Colada Song) Fan Video!


Jun 21, 2013 -Bethel Road Pub, Columbus, OH

Jul 12, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

Jul 19, 2013 -Bethel Road Pub, Columbus, OH

Aug 23, 2013 -Plain City Pub, Plain City, OH

Sept 13, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

Nov 15, 2013 -Dolphin Lounge, Columbus, OH

More Dates To Be Announced


RED EYE SOUND (Management, Promotion & Booking)
OFFICE: 614-557-4907

Promotions & Booking:
James Miller or Andrew McFerrin: 614-557-4907

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